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For Your DIY Solar Project


Are you ready to make the switch to Solar Power?
Black Diamond Solar can help!

Our team of licensed electricians have the knowledge to assist with your do-it-yourself solar panel project. Black Diamond Solar provides electrical service to get your solar panels connected to your home electrical system and connected to the grid.

We do not sell or install solar panels, but please click on the links below to assist with getting started with your DIY Solar Panel project–and give us a call when you are ready to connect to your electrical system.

How Does Solar Power Work?

  1. Solar Panels turn photons from the sun into direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. The DC current travels to the inverter which changes the DC current from the solar panel to AC current for home use.
  3. Excess electricity is sent to the power grid (if you are properly connected to it).

Solar Power Incentives

Did you know that there are tax credits for solar panel projects? Check out some of these links to learn more.

Resources to Help Get You Started

Utah Solar Energy Association – When first getting started with a solar panel project, there are many questions to ask, and steps and procedures that need to be known. Utah Solar Energy Association’s Solar Buying Guide provides common questions that you should ask your solar panel dealer, and informs you of steps, maintenance, and processes that you should be aware of prior to investing in a solar system.

Whole Sale Solar – Whole Sale Solar sells solar panels and has a wealth of resources to get you started.

Costco – Costco sells solar panels and kits on their website. Costco is known for offering great savings to their members.

Eco Direct – Eco Direct sells solar panels direct. Their site also has resources to learn more about solar energy.

Ready to get connected?

When you are ready to have your installed solar panels connected to your home electrical system and the power grid, give Black Diamond Solar a call – 801-436-5129.

Many home owners install their own solar panels without difficulty, but when it comes to connecting the panels to your electrical system, that is a job best left to a licensed electrician. Obiviously working with electricity poses serioius dangers and is not an area that is recommended as a DIY project. Please don’t risk you or your families safety. Call an electrician when you are ready to connect your panels to your electrical system.